Designs by Woolly Thoughts

Curve of Pursuit 

Our most popular afghan – represents four dogs chasing each other round a field and shows the curves they create.

Curve of pursuit

Double Vision

Second most popular – uses 10 basic colours to create 55 different shades. This can be used for teaching about triangular numbers, square numbers and the relationship between them.

Double vision













This is really a knitted hexaflexagon. It was given the name hexaflexacube because the colouring causes an optical illusion to make it look like a cube. The photo shows six views of the same cushion.



Napier’s Bones

The first pocket calculator though this knitted version is far too big to go in your pocket

Napier's bones














Mr P and Mr F

Glove puppets demonstrating the principles of Pythagoras and Fibonacci

Puppets Mr P and Mr F 













and just to show that we also crochet

Scaled Up

A representation of space-filling curves and fractals.

Scaled up curves and fractals



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