Member's Interests & Blogs

What interests our members?

We know that our members are passionate about their crafts and take an interest in knitting and crochet techniques, as well historic items and the social history of these crafts.

Our Slipknot editor

At the recent Knitting History Forum Conference Lesley O'Connell-Edwards presented her study of the publications of the Hopes of Ramsgate in the 1840's, and her article on George Curling Hope has now been published in the Jan/Feb 2016 edition of Piecework available from Interweave Press

Lesley was also awarded the Pasold/Museum of London Fellowship in 2015 and has been looking at their 16th century knitting in detail.

The Lee Mills Team

Some of those members who volunteer to work on the Guild's collections have written about their experiences and how they have been able to further their interests using this material. From time to time we will include information about what they are doing on this website. For Guild members there will also be regular articles in the Guild's journal, SlipKnot.

Articles inspired by items and documents in the Guild's collection

  • Text: Volume 40: 2012-13, Knitting gloves: An exploration in making
  • Copies of back issues can be obtained here
  • Angharad Thomas, Textile Archivist
  • Read more in Angharad's blog
  • Simply Crochet: The History of Crochet article in issue 5
  • This article mentions several First World War items in the Guild collection. Images of the items can be found on Barbara Smith's blog.
  • An interview with Barbara Smith about Knitting & Crochet during WWI appears on the blog of "Let's Get Crafting"

Other members’ blogs

Active member of our London branch, Emma Vining blogs about events, knitwear, inspiration and her designs.