Volunteer for the Guild

The Knitting & Crochet Guild is run solely by volunteers and it takes an army of people to ensure the smooth running of it all.

If you’d like to help, in any capacity, we’d like to hear from you! There are a variety of roles to choose from to suit your availability and lifestyle.

We know that there are a number of reasons why people volunteer too, so if you’re looking for a short term role, something you can do from home, to learn a skill or share your expertise; let us know – we often have upcoming roles or things we’re working on that we might be able to offer you.

Branch Co-ordinator

Our Branch Co-ordinators are an essential part of the Knitting & Crochet Guild and they work ‘on the ground’ with our members.

Any member can start their own branch and it’s up to you how often, where and when you meet. We have a number of branches who are continuing to meet online, and it could be that some branches are online only even when we’re able to meet face to face again.

The Guild can provide assistance on how to set up a local branch and we can help contact other members who may be local to you.

We are particularly interested in starting new branches in Scotland and Wales.

If you’re interested in starting a branch or helping to run an existing branch, please contact our Branch Leader for further information.

The community of Branch Co-ordinators meets monthly via Zoom to discuss best practice, resolve issues and share resources.

Collections Team

Volunteers are always welcome to help with our collection. It is a great way to see parts of the collection close up and to handle the items that would not normally be accessible in a museum or gallery context.

You can find out more about what volunteers do on the Collection Team volunteering page.


We are looking for people to help out behind the scenes, working with our IT Director, to ensure the smooth running of our website, database, email system and ad hoc projects. These roles will evolve as new tasks and projects come up.

If you’re interested in finding out more and what specific skills we need, please contact Steve Foreman for details.

Download the IT volunteer job descriptions.

Convention Team

We’re starting to plan the Convention for this year, in whatever format that may take, and we’re looking for volunteers to work in a variety of roles on this project with us. There will be regular meetings held via Zoom, and the work will start off slowly and ramp up towards the event date in September. Please contact marketing@kcguild.org.uk for further details.

Social Media Moderators

If you’re familiar with social media and have regular pockets of time to moderate our comments and direct messages, please do get in touch. We’re currently looking for moderators for our Instagram and Twitter profiles. Please contact marketing@kcguild.org.uk for more info.

Video editing

The Knitting & Crochet Guild is increasing its use of videos. These are filmed by members and need to be edited before they can be published. The main tasks are: removing mistakes, checking that the content is appropriate and does not infringe others' intellectual property rights, adding in additional images and text, putting "takes" into the right order and linking between them, checking (and correcting) the sound quality and adding title and credit sequences. If you are interested in helping us edit our videos, please contact our lead editor. We use free software to do the editing, but you will need to have a reasonably powerful computer with many gigabytes of free storage in order to process the videos.