Introducing Sheep

Sheep is our membership management system. We use it to manage memberships, and it automates much of the process for us. For example, renewal reminder emails are sent automatically, and memberships are renewed when payment is made.

You need an email address to use Sheep. If you don't have one, you will have to join by post and updates to your membership will be made by the membership team.

Sheep is our member management system, which stores your information securely.

Using Sheep means that you can:

  • View and change much of your own information.
  • Specify your interests so we know what you want to hear about.
  • Add yourself to a Branch list to hear from the Branch Co-ordinator.
  • Donate to the Guild.
  • Join the 200 Club.

If you want to see what Sheep says about the security of their system, please visit the Security page on Sheep's website.