15. Machine Knitted Wedding Dress

100 Objects

5 amp fuse wire supports the ruffles of this machine knitted wedding dress. Made with acrylic yarn, it is mainly white, with grey highlights around the bodice, collar, train and ruffles. Photographed here on a size 10/12 mannequin, it was designed for a competition sponsored by Liberty, the London store, in 1992 and it weighs around 1.5 kg/3lbs. Designer and maker Katie Aggett was a prize-winner at the 1993 Clothes Show in the ‘Gripping Yarns’ section. The design for her ‘radical rib’ was inspired by Gothic fan vaulting in churches and cathedrals and she used the fuse wire in areas that needed to remain in place during wearing, such as the train, bodice, cuffs and collar. An article about the dress appears in the Knitting & Crochet Guild’s journal, Slipknot, No 62, page 9-12.