28. Group of Knitted Animals

100 Objects

These characterful creatures - turtle, sloth, stoat and anteater - are knitted in a variety of fancy yarns. The sloth is the largest animal, being 30cms/12ins overall. The stoat, complete with nylon monofilament whiskers, is 26cms/10.25ins nose to tail while the turtle and anteater are shorter. They are not to scale with each other. These animals are part of a ‘zoo’ held at the Knitting & Crochet Collection. As a group, they demonstrate many possibilities for knitting stitches; for example, using honeycomb cable for the turtle’s shell. It is through such details and choice of yarn that these unusual beasts are set apart from the ordinary run of teddies, bunnies and elephants. These are four of a total of twenty creatures designed and made by Sue Beaumont for the Knitting Craft Group, an industry-funded body to promote hand knitting, in the 1980s. The whole zoo was purchased for the Collection in 1999.