31. Machine Knitting Notes and Samples

100 Objects

This is a selection of pages from a set of two lever-arch files containing notes and knitted samples from a machine-knitting course. The files were found after the death of their maker and thought too interesting to throw away by the donor, who offered them to the Knitting & Crochet Guild for the Collection. “I cannot bring myself to abandon the careful collection at the dump”, said the donor. The printed notes show that the course was the ‘789-Home Machine Knitting Course’, run by the City & Guilds Institute in the 1960s. The Collection has various sets of notes from educational qualifications and also from design work for knitted and crocheted items. These two files show a wide range of machine knitting and making skills, ranging from plain fabric knitted at different tensions to the samples illustrated. These are for raglan shapings, from plain to fancy. Many of these courses and qualifications no longer exist so these files and the others in the KCG Collection are an important record of their existence as well as the skill of the individual makers.