4. Hand knitted Aran sweater

100 Objects

A classic Aran sweater to fit an adult and knitted in cream pure wool, it is closely patterned with textured stitches of all sorts. Cables, diamonds and moss stitch feature with garter stitch on the side panels. It was knitted in pieces and seamed, probably in the 1950s. Inside, there is a tape with the name Kilmurvey, a beach on the largest of the Aran islands off the west coast of Ireland. Is this the place where this sweater was knitted? The garment came into the KCG Collection following the disposal of a yarn company’s archive in 2014. Apart from the Kilmurvey label, and a swing tag stating ‘Traditional Aran Sweater’, it has no further provenance or documentation although many pieces from that archive can be dated to the early 1950s.