45. Crochet Workshop

100 Objects

Published in 1979 by Sidgwick and Jackson, this hardback book by James Walter has a dust cover illustrated with a photograph of the author in his workshop. 255 pages long, it is profusely illustrated with drawings, diagrams, and photographs, providing practical information on crochet, tatting and lace inspiration for crocheters of all levels. It is both a good introduction to the craft and a helpful resource for more experienced crocheters who wish to develop new design ideas. James Walters was an influential crafter in the UK in the 1970s and 80s who, from 1976, worked closely with Sylvia Cosh. Together they published many books but this was his first solo book. A dancer and a musician, James taught himself to crochet at the age of 30 and, in 1971, he won a nation-wide knitting and crochet design competition. Later, he moved to a cottage in Wales, where he still lives, and immersed himself in hand-spinning, natural dyeing and experimental free-form crochet.