65. Man’s Waistcoat

100 Objects

A man’s waistcoat, with linen stitch fronts and single rib back, hand knitted in yellow 3-ply wool. It was given to the Knitting & Crochet Guild Collection in 2014; the donor knitted in for her fiancé, whom she met in 1953. He worked in Manchester, and she lived in Leeds, so they only met at weekends, and she had plenty of time to knit during the week. He wore the waistcoat often, over a coloured shirt – very unusual in the 1950s.

The pattern is Patons & Baldwins leaflet 943, for a 'waistcoat tailored in knitting – the stitch cleverly reproduces the effect of woven fabric.' The gauge of the linen stitch is about 48 stitches and 80 rows to 10 cms. As the donor said herself, it was truly a labour of love.