1. Captain Tweedie’s Night Cap

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The oldest dated item in the Knitting & Crochet Guild Collection, this 19th century cap was worn at night in bed and is 34cms/13.5ins long, including the tassel. Made of unmercerised cotton, possibly unbleached, the cap has been knitted in rounds. The lower part is in plain stockinette with a false seam at either side, while the upper part is in four panels, decreasing to a point, with openwork diamonds and an openwork diamond background. The tassel is made of the knitting yarn. The cap is discoloured, with visible signs of an original mend. The bottom edge is worn and the original hem has mostly come undone. It is slightly shaped at the lower edge over the ears. The cap is marked in ink: “Captain Tweedie 1826”. We have been unable to precisely identify who “Captain Tweedie” was, as searches reveal more than one possible candidate.