84. Just a few crochet hooks

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The Knitting & Crochet Guild Collection has a very large number of crochet hooks, most of which have come into the Collection through donations from members or their families. The Collection has been built up, since its first acquisitions in 1991, from donations of garments or household items. Often, patterns, tools and accessories would also be given, including crochet hooks.

The earliest date from the nineteenth century and are so fine that the hook can barely be seen by the naked eye. A finger has to be run over the end of the metal to detect the hook. Often, the hook has a small cover to protect it from damage. Sometimes hooks were constructed with multiple sizes in one handle, see bottom item, half left in main image.

As hooks became coarser for work with thicker yarns and wools, so aluminium came to be used, as in the more recent hooks on the right of the main image. Contemporary hooks are often made of coloured metal or plastic and sometimes Perspex.