Dropped should line shape

Blocks - devised by Kathleen Kinder

The dropped shoulder line top was the original jersey-gansey shape of peasant and fisher knitting. Traditionally this folk garment was knitted in the round and this practice is still used today.

The dropped shoulder line is the easiest top of any to cope with as a designer or as a knitter. The fitted sleeve garment is not as easy to plan for as is the dropped shoulder line top. It is the obvious choice for:-

• the picture knitter
• those who like intarsia
• large-based Fair Isle patterns

It is comfortable, roomy and capable of many variations. The dropped shoulder line top is a perennial. It will never go away and will remain in some form or other.

Some additional variations

• yokes
• various neckline shapes
• saddle shoulders
• cables are also an option
• various lengths of armhole and width of sleeve
• sideways knitted garments
• all in one types
• dolmans and batwings

Standard sizing and body measurements for this shape can be found here.