Fitted sleeve garments

Blocks devised by Kathleen Kinder

Garment shapes

The garments which use the fitted sleeve block as a base are:

  • circular and V-yokes
  • saddle shoulders
  • jackets
  • sleeveless waistcoats
  • pullovers and boleros with or without wrap-overs
  • puffed/gathered sleeve tops or at wrist
  • boat necks
  • V-necks
  • U-necks
  • front panelled
  • insert sweaters

Surface patterns

Suitable patterns are usually small based, smooth or textured stitch patterns, small colour patterns.

Body measurements & sizing

Standard sizing and body measurements for this shape can be found here.

More details about creating a personalised fitted sleeve garment can be found here and information on drawing the fitted sleeve head can be found here