Raglan Sizing

Blocks for unisex raglan sizing


The tables below give a guide to sizes for adults and children for a close-fitting raglan. For a looser fit adjust the armhole depth to equal a quarter of the total chest/bust plus ease measurement.

For an accurate individual fit it is important to take exact measurements for the points shown and use those to calculate the rows and stitches.

Note that the armhole depth is measured vertically from the line FAF down to the line BZB. The depth is not the diagonal line FB.

For an explanation of the optional top sleeve shaping (shown on the far right of the diagram) see the section on raglan garments.

Adults' raglans in cms - Back/front

Chest totalBB101.5106.5112.0117.0122.0127.0
Chest plus ease106.5112.0117.0122.0127.0132.0
Back lengthAH67.
Armhole depthAZ26.528.029.030.532.033.0
Armhole cutawayat B1.
Back neckFAF14.
Depth of front neckAX9.
Side seamBD35.538.039.038.538.038.0

Adults' raglans in cms - sleeve

Sleeve topFVF5.
Depth of raglanVW26.528.029.030.532.033.0
Width of upper arm plus easeJJ44.045.045.549.053.054.0
Armhole cutawayat J1.

Childrens' raglans in cms - Back/front

Chest totalBB71.0 76.0 81.586.591.596.5
Chest plus ease76.081.586.591.596.5101.5
Back lengthAH52.054.559.560.062.065.0
Armhole depthAZ19.020.021.523.024.025.0
Armhole cutawayat B1.
Back neckFAF10.
Depth of front neckAX7.
Side seamBD28.029.533.

Childrens' raglans in cms - sleeve

Sleeve topFVF4.755.
Depth of raglanVW19.020.021.523.024.025.0
Width of upper arm plus easeJJ36.
Armhole cutawayat J1.

Young children and babies' raglans in cms - Back/front

Chest totalBB41.
Chest plus ease46.
Back lengthAH25.528.030.543.046.048.0
Armhole depthAZ11.012.514.015.016.518.0
Armhole cutawayat B0.
Back neckFAF8.
Depth of front neckAX6.
Side seamBD10.511.512.523.024.525.0

Young children and babies' raglans in cms - sleeve

Sleeve topFVF3.
Depth of raglanVW11.012.514.015.016.518.0
Width of upper arm plus easeJJ17.019.021.525.028.031.0
Armhole cutawayat J0.