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Patron of the Knitting & Crochet Guild

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Inspirational designers

Photograph of Nacinimod Deodee
Image credit: Nacinimod Deodee

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Interviews with designers

Male model wearing black knitted top with dramatic shoulders.
Image credit: Kim Choon-Wilkins

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Members who are designers

Emma Vining holding up her openwork scarf with bands of colour: Merrow Berries Shawl.
Photo: Alexander Vining

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Patterns from the Collection

Cover of "From the Islands" showing lady wearing a Fair Isle sweater

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Suggestions from our members

Knitted fabric with pieces of smooth flint knitted into it.

New Year, New Inspiration!

By Desiree Jeans If you’re looking for new inspiration, different designers to follow, and up-and-coming dyers to support, then maybe …