Planning your project

At a loss for a pattern for your next project? Why not look at the patterns in our Collection, or those contributed by members?

Projects to inspire you

Find inspiration for your next project, learn how others have approached theirs, or see how techniques have been applied before. This page lists some projects that provide all these!

Note: The abbreviation at the end of the title indicates the craft: (HK) – hand knitting, (MK)- machine knitting, (C) – Crochet.

Machine-knitted Christmas crackers

Christmas – Advent Calendar (MK)

An advent calendar with small pockets to hold individually wrapped sweets (for example) ...
Machine-knitted Christmas crackers

Christmas Crackers (MK)

Pattern for Japanese machines using 4ply yarn ...
Knitted representation of Leeds. Knitted landmarks are placed in their approximate positions in the city.

Knitted Leeds

in 2019 our Leeds Central Branch created a knitted version of the city. This major project involved a lot of project management, as well as the input from skilled knitters ...
Collection of seven crochet hats in a variety of colours.

My interpretation of the Divine Hat (C)

Learn how to crochet Margaret O'Mara's Divine hat. Skill level: Beginner/intermediate Tutor: Margaret O'Mara ...
Photograph of lattice crochet with a black lattice and brightly coloured squares within it reminiscent of stained glass.

Stained Glass Window (C)

Learn how to crochet this beautiful stained glass window (lattice) effect. Skill level: Intermediate Tutor: Margaret O'Mara ...
Tuck stitch top (machine knitted)

Tuck Stitch Top by Sue Booth (MK)

A pattern for all Japanese machines using 3 strands of fine crepe yarn ...