Graphics representing hand knitting, machine knitting and crochet

Members teach workshops at Convention and Branch meetings. Some of those members have kindly allowed us to publish their workshop handouts so that others can benefit from them.

Hand knitting

Hand knitting

Outside view of thrummed mitten, dark colour with white motifs.

An introduction to thrummed knitting

Learn about thrummed knitting that produces a warm felted lining to an item. Skill level: Beginner. Your tutor for this workshop is Clare Griffel ...
Scissors cutting a steek that has been reinforced using crochet

Eek a Steek!

A steek is the area around a cut in a knitted fabric. This workshop gives you the skills to make your cut with confidence. Skill level: Intermediate. Tutor: Steve Foreman ...
Patchwork knitting embellished with flowers

Patchwork knitting

Patchwork knitting is a technique that is simple, multi-directional, good for using remnants of yarn and makes good use of colour. Skill level: Beginner. Tutor: Lynda Fieldley ...
Photograph of Alison Ellen

Stitches for shaping knitting

Different stitches in knitting produce different textures and patterns, but also affect the way the fabric pulls up, pulls in, makes it thicker or thinner, and therefore can be a great design tool for shaping your designs from within the structure. Explore how you can use this in your knitting. Skill level: all. Tutor: Alison Ellen ...
Machine knitting

Machine knitting

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Afghan blanket made from corner-to-corner crochet squares.

Corner to corner crochet

Corner to corner crochet or c2c as its commonly known is a fairly new crochet technique and is based on various slanting diamond or brick patterns. The workshop covers the basics of c2c crochet including increase rows, decrease rows and colour changing. Skill level: Beginner/intermediate ...
Collection of seven crochet hats in a variety of colours.

My interpretation of the Divine Hat (C)

Learn how to crochet Margaret O'Mara's Divine hat. Skill level: Beginner/intermediate. Tutor: Margaret O'Mara ...
Photograph of lattice crochet with a black lattice and brightly coloured squares within it reminiscent of stained glass.

Stained Glass Window (C)

Learn how to crochet this beautiful stained glass window (lattice) effect. Skill level: Intermediate. Tutor: Margaret O'Mara ...
Hand knitting, machine knitting and crochet

General topics

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