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After login – get back to where you were

You have logged in - but you were returned to the home page. Don't despair! Follow these steps to get back to where you were. If you have already logged in and are back at the home page After you are back on the home page and it is showing ...
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How do I login to the website?

You log on to the website using the email address and password that you use for Sheep. Please remember that wherever you are on the website, when you log in you will be returned to the home page, so it is best to log in before you follow any links ...
Example membership certificate

How do I show my membership certificate?

To see your membership certificate:
  • Go to the Sheep App
  • Login with your email address and password (at the top right of the screen)
  • Scroll down to the Membership section
  • Click View next to membership certificate
  • You should see your membership certificate or be asked to download it (depending ...
Gift box

How to buy a gift membership of the Guild

You must be a current member to buy a gift membership of the Knitting & Crochet Guild using these instructions. If you have any questions or are not yourself a member of the Guild, please email membership@kcguild.org.uk for further assistance.
Buy a gift voucher
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I cannot login

We use our membership system, Sheep, to control access to member-only content on our website. However, if you get a message saying that Sheep isn't available, please try again in a few minutes ...
Find us on Facebook

I follow a link from Facebook but can’t see member-only information

If you are using the Facebook app on a mobile device, following a link uses Facebook's own browser to show you the page. You can login to the website to see member-only information. After you login, use the "go back" browser control three times to see the page you were ...
Unaffiliated group

I have logged in but cannot see member-only information

Although you have logged through Sheep, our membership system has not identified you as a current member. Please try again in a few minutes ...

I have not received my copy of Slipknot

It may take a few days for Slipknot to arrive. You will not receive a paper copy if you have a "digital" membership. All members may view or download the current and a selection of past editions of Slipknot from our Slipknot page ...
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Newsletter and updates- subscribe or unsubscribe

Members receive our quarterly newsletter ("Latest news and events") by email, and we use the same mailing list for other membership benefits such as the 12 Days of Christmas emails. We send the emails using a service called "MailChimp". Sometimes the emails stop flowing. This is how to start (or ...

Screen too bright?

Use the moon at the bottom of the screen to change between light background dark background e the moon at the bottom of the screen to change between Go back after login ...

Showing a video during an online conference

When you share your screen in a video conferencing session, what you are showing usually does not change very often (for example, most PowerPoint slides are on the screen for several seconds, or even minutes). Zoom, and other video conferencing systems, know this and only send the screen infrequently to ...
Portrait of worried cute dark-skinned male panicking, holding hands on head and starring with popped eyes at camera, being anxious or nervous over gray background.

What does 503 or 504 error mean?

Out website and Sheep do a lot of behind-the-scenes work to keep them working correctly. Occasionally, when you click on a link your request will reach the website at exactly the same time as it is making a change. If that happens you may see a browser error message with ...

Where do I find …?

We have organised our website to align with our aims of Sharing knowledge & skills, encouraging creativity and preserving the heritage of our crafts. Our main menu topics are: Sharing, Creating and Preserving, supported by The Guild and Help ...
Three views of how the menu is displayed on the K&CG website: full menu and two versions of the three horizontal bars version

Where is the menu?

The menu is at the top of each page, below our logo. It might appear as a line of options or as three stacked horizontal bars ...