Inspiration & new ideas for knitting and crochet

Innovation is one of the key aims of the Knitting & Crochet Guild and we promote the growth and development of knitting and crochet whenever possible.

Building on our heritage our members can use their knowledge, expertise and practice and create new ideas and uses for these traditional crafts.

Inspiration for our craft can come from many sources, nature, architecture, art, historical references and of course, our own unique collection.

The Guild also promotes the inspiration provided by innovative approaches to the craft by the wider community, fashion and commercial enterprise. Without continuous development the crafts will lose their appeal and relevance to new users.

We’d love to hear about your inspiration for projects and look forward to seeing the finished results on our Facebook page and including some of your stories in our journal Slipknot.

The work of influential knitwear designers

Although many fashion houses are including knitwear within their collections each season, they aren’t known primarily for their knitwear. However there are designers who have developed their love of knitwear into successful brands.

We have profiled an eclectic mix here:-

Interviews with knitwear designers in the fashion industry.

Richard Price completed a Btec course at Leicester College, specialising in knitwear and illustration, Richard studied at Central and St Martin's College of Art & Design where he developed his passion for the avant garde and the innovative. He has carried this on into illustration and comic book art.

In 2010 Richard interviewed five modern knitwear designers who are exploring new ideas and directions in knitting. These interviews were first published in Slipknot, the Journal for members of the Knitting & Crochet Guild.

The designers interviewed for this series of articles were: