If you join the Knitting & Crochet Guild using Sheep, one of the final questions you are asked is to indicate your interests. If you were a member before we starting using Sheep, you will need to add them to your record.

As well as affecting the communications you get from us (for example, people who select that they are interested in a publication will be notified when each issue is published), they let us know the balance of members that we have across the three main crafts.

You can login to Sheep at any time to update your interests.

What interests are there?

At the time of writing, there are only four, but as time passes more may be added. We will announce these in various ways so that you know they exist.

Three of the interests indicate which crafts you practise or are particularly interested in hearing about (for example, you may not crochet now but you’ve always wanted to try). Select all those that apply:

  • Hand-knitting
  • Machine-knitting
  • Crochet

The fourth is labelled ‘Across the Needlebed – a machine knitting publication’ and if you select this option, you will get an email when a new edition is published, letting you know it’s available and containing a link for you to download it. (You can get the publication from the website anyway: selecting the interest just means you will get the email.)

Adding and removing interests

Interests are added and removed from your profile from the bottom of the page you see when you log on to Sheep.

Simply select or clear the boxes along side the interests to indicate your choice.