Check and update your personal information

Please take a few moments to make sure your personal details are up-to-date. Every bit of information we ask for is used in some way, and we store and process it securely. The reason why we want most of it is obvious, but there are one or two things that you may wonder about.

You can login to Sheep at any time to update your details.

Your name

Sheep stores your First Name, your Surname and a Known As name.

Please put your official first name and surname in the First Name and Surname boxes. This is particularly important if you are able to Gift Aid your subscription, as HMRC will reject any claims where they cannot match the names and address information we provide to the information they hold.

At the moment, you can’t see Known As (we hope this will change soon) but so you can be called what you want to be called, we have copied what will see in the First Name box into it. For example, if your name is Elizabeth but your first name is currently showing as Liz, Lizzie, Beth or even Jane (if you use a different name entirely) please change it to Elizabeth. We will still call you whatever was there before. Just let us know if that is not what you want.

If you have an unusual name that you are having difficulty entering into Sheep in the way it should be shown, get in touch. We have some additional options behind the scenes to try to make sure letters and so on show your name correctly.

Your address

We have an address lookup system. If your home address is not right, just start typing the correct one (beginning with your house number) and a list of matches will appear. If your address is not shown, or if you need to make a minor change, you can also update it manually.

Again, most important if you are able to Gift Aid your subscription: we need your home address, not the address of your business or where you work. We have other ways to record business details, so please contact if this affects you.

Your date of birth

This is used for three reasons:

  • To confirm that those selecting Junior membership are under 18 years of age.
  • As an extra security check and identification question. For example, if you phone us or email us to ask us to make a change, we want to be sure we are changing the correct record.
  • To give us an indication of the age profile of our membership.

If you are using a mobile device you will be shown a calendar when you try to set your date of birth.

You can move between years if you tap the year at the top left of the calendar (circled in red in the screenshot).

Move between months by tapping the arrows either side of the Month Year display.

Choose the day of the month by tapping it.

Your ethnic background

Our aim and heartfelt wish is to be a fully inclusive organisation. Unless we have some indication of the ethnic background of members, we cannot claim that this is the case.

If you prefer not to say, that option is available at the bottom of the list.