Vikki Haffenden – ‘The Fashionable Craft: A fresh Look at Machine Knitting’

Speaker: Vikki Haffenden
Craft: General
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Summary: Vikki Haffenden, the author of ‘Single and Double Bed Machine Knitting; the Designer’s Guide’ and ‘Translating Between Hand and Machine Knitting’ will talk about her books are contributing to the new wave of interest in machine knitting. She will discuss the historical and contemporary contexts of machine knitting and explore some of the misconceptions held about this fascinating and often neglected creative field. 


Cover of "single and double bed machine knitting" by Vikki Haffenden
Image credit: The Crowood Press

Vikki Haffenden, the author of ‘Single and Double Bed Machine Knitting; the Designer’s Guide’ and ‘Translating Between Hand and Machine Knitting’ will be sharing some of her thoughts about how her books are contributing to the current resurgence of interest in machine knitting. This will include why she decided, and indeed felt qualified, to write about machine knitting and will focus on some of the chapter subjects in more detail. Of course we shouldn’t look forward without looking back so there will be an informative glance into the rear view mirror at some of the fascinating history of machine knitting, but she will also look at contemporary, technologically advanced knitting machines and how these have enabled knitwear design. Machine knitting has suffered a somewhat poor profile over the last few decades, despite knitting machines being fantastic creative tools so this talk will also investigate some of the differences between hand and machine knitting and explore several misconceptions about machine knitting.

About the speaker

Photo of Vikki Haffenden
Photo credit; Vikki Haffenden

As a life-long hand and machine knitter Vikki has been fortunate to be able to make her living in this quite specialised field. Alongside her creative practise she developed an enduring interest in teaching and learning, which matured into a career lecturing in textile design and the opportunity to research a doctorate facilitated by industrial, digital knitting systems. Reviewing the dated selection of machine knitting books available to the rather neglected field of domestic machine knitting inspired her to write a series of exciting, contemporary books, which she likes to think have contributed to a fresh wave of interest. 

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Book signing

If you already have copies of Vikki’s books that you would like signed, please bring them along to the talk and Vikki will be pleased to sign them. Vikki will also have a few signed copies for sale.