KCG2305 – The Lost Flock – Jane Cooper

Watch Jane describe how she discovered “The Lost Flock,” saved it and learned from it. (1h)

On 16 November 2023, Jane Cooper gave an exclusive online talk to members of the Guild about her book “The Lost Flock. This is the video of that talk.

The story of the remarkable and rare little horned sheep, known as Orkney Boreray, and the wool-obsessed woman who moved to one of Scotland’s wildest islands to save them.

Cal Flyn, author of Islands of Abandonment

It was Jane Cooper’s passion for knitting that led her to search for rare-breed sheep and their distinctive wool. Jane was astonished to find that she was the sole custodian of this lost flock in the world, and so she began investigating their mysterious and ancient history, tracking down the origins of the Boreray breed and its significance to Scotland’s natural heritage.

From Viking times to Highland crofts and nefarious research experiments in Edinburgh, this is a so-far untold real-life detective story.

The video lasts just over an hour.

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