Using Your Knitting Machine

Each make and model of knitting machine works in a slightly different way, although patterns written for one can be used by another relatively easily in most cases. This means that trying to follow the instructions for a model different to your own when you are first learning is a bit like having someone give you instructions for a different model of mobile phone, when yours doesn’t actually have a touchscreen or a camera!

As you get more experienced, following instructions for a different machine becomes easier (as you’re more interested in “Knit 12 rows tuck stitch” rather than “How do I tell the machine to knit in tuck stitch?”). The concepts apply for many models of machines, but the details are likely to differ.

The best source of information is the manual that came with your machine. If you can’t find it, try searching online. You may well be able to find a copy.

You may find some of the information on the About knitting machines and Buying a knitting machine pages useful in helping to sort out the terminology, making instructions easier to understand.

A number of people have offered to help people who are struggling to master their knitting machines, and these people are listed on our Helping Hands page. You may also find some people who teach machine knitting on our Courses, tuition and workshops page.

We have small number of free patterns, kindly donated by our members, that you can use to get started.

Although knitting machines are safe, you can find advice on good working practice on our health and safety around knitting machines page.