Here are issues of several magazines published before the Second World War.

Needlework For All was a monthly magazine published by the London Guild of Needlework, from 1909.

Needlecraft Practical Journal was published from the 1890s by Wm. Briggs & Co., a cotton spinning company in Manchester – hence it focussed on patterns for the company’s cotton yarns.

Several titles were published under the Leach’s brand from the later 19th century – the Home Needlework series appeared around the First World War.

Weldon’s Practical Needlework was published as a monthly magazine, from 1886. There were several sub-series, including Practical Knitting and Practical Crochet. The early issues were kept in print, sometimes for many years, so the ads don’t always correspond to the original publication date. In the 20th century, Weldon’s also published other series of booklets, as well as pattern leaflets.

Note that Stitchcraft magazine issues from the 1930s are on the ‘Stitchcraft magazines & booklets’ page. The Lady’s World Fancy Work Book, a quarterly magazine published from 1906 until the 1920s, also has its own page.

Cover of Weldon's Fair Isle Knitting Made Easy with pictures of a man and a lady both wearing Fair Isle jumpers

Fair Isle Knitting Made Easy

Issue 217 of Weldon's Sixpenny Series, from around 1930. The scanned copy has 15 pages (pages dedicated to advertising were not scanned so as to reduce file size) ...

Good Needlework – March 1937

"The Smartest Knitted Trio for the Spring" - patterns for the 3 designs on the cover. (10 pages, 7MB) ...
Cover of Jaeger Hand-knit Jumpers and Sports Wear. Two drawings of ladies - one with a very low neck sleeveless sweater, one with matching knit jacket and skirt, and a photograph of a stranded knitting jacket.

Jumpers and Sports Wear

A booklet of Jaeger patterns, published in 1931. Garments for women, including a Fair Isle jumper, as well as those on the cover. 15 pages ...
Cover of Leach's Garments for Children. Photos of toddlers in knitted coats, hats and on in a sweater.

Leach’s Home Needlework No. 10

Knitting & crochet patterns for babies and children, from socks & underwear to coats. Published probably 1917-18. (13 pages) ...
Cover of Leach's Comforts for Men showing balaclava, sock, fingerless glove and bootee

Leach’s Home Needlework No. 4

Comforts for Men. (Around 1915.) Knitting and crochet patterns - socks, helmets, mittens, body belts etc. (14 pages) ...
Cover of Leach's Knitted Wear for Men. Drawings of three men - one in atextured knit cardigan, one in Fair Isle jumper and the third in a sstocking stitch jumper. Also a photograph of a knitted tie.

Leach’s Knitted Wear for Men

A 1920s booklet of patterns for sweaters, pullovers & cardigans - and ties. The original is very worn, but the copy is legible. (14 pages) ...
Cover of Newest Jumpers showing drawings of three ladies wearing knitted or crocheted tops

Leach’s Newest Jumpers

Patterns for knitted and crocheted tops for women, in rayon and wool. Early 1920s. (16 pages plus cover) ...
Cover of Leach's Smart Jumpers with drawings of three ladies wearing long or snort sleved tops - one solid with colourwork bands at cuffs, welt and neck, and two in openwork.

Leach’s Smart Jumpers

Published 1923. This includes the pattern for a prize winning jumper. 15 Pages ...
Cover of Needlework for All N0 58 - knitted balaclave worn by man with moustache

Needle-work for All No. 58, 1914

A Christmas double issue. Comforts for soldiers & sailors and children's garments. (176 pages) ...
Cover of Needlecraft Practical Journal No 110. Photograph of lady in textured sleeveless cardigan and one of a girl in a knitted coat

Needlecraft Practical Journal No. 110

Featuring "Knitted & Crochet Comforts", i.e. garments for women, men and children, probably from around 1913-14. (16 pages) ...
Cover of Needlecraft Practical Journal Knitted and Crochet Garments. Lady wearing short sleev jumper with openwork diamond motif on lower bodu continuing in a column on each side.

Needlecraft Practical Journal No. 183

An issue of Needlecraft magazine, featuring both knitted and crocheted garments, from late 1923 or early 1924 ...
Cover of Weldon's Practical Knitter (No 333). Two photographs of girls wearing knitted coats and three photographs of knitted lace edgings.

Practical Needle-work No 333

An issue in the Practical Knitter subseries, from 1913. Mostly knitted lace (edgings, inserts etc) but also 3 coats ...