Here are catalogues of leaflets in the Guild collection from spinners and publishers which don’t have their own pages.

Emu wools first appeared during WW2, with the slogan “Knit with Emu wools and stop thinking about shrinking”. The brand flourished for many years, until it became part of the company that produced Robin wools, now owned by James C. Brett. The Golden Eagle brand, which first appeared in the early 1930s, was sold to Emu Wools in the 1950s.

Bestway leaflets were published by The Amalgamated Press, who also published many women’s magazines such as Woman’s Weekly. Sewing patterns and booklets of knitting and crochet patterns were published under the Bestway brand in the 1930s, and pattern leaflets began to be published around 1939. Weldons pattern leaflets were also published by The Amalgamated Press, and started to appear in the 1930s.

Lister was a long-established spinning company in Bradford. Bairns-Wear manufactured children’s clothing, but branched out into knitting wools, including two brands (Femina and La Laine) for adults. We believe that the patterns published before 1952 are now out of copyright.

Sirdar is a company with a long history, still based in its original site in Wakefield. Sirdar pattern leaflets began to appear in the early 1930s. The leaflets shown here are now out of copyright.

Copies of these patterns are available to Guild members, for their own personal use. To request a copy of any leaflet, please use the contact form.

Cover of Bestway pattern 1830 showing lady wearing knitted jacket with oriental Willow Pattern motifs in bands.

Bestway 1940s leaflet catalogue

Patterns for women, mainly jumpers and cardigans, with some accessories ...
Cover of Emu Knitpat 26 showing lady wearing sweater with short ribbed sleeves and ribbed collar

Emu “Knitpat” leaflets, 1940s

The earliest Emu patterns, issued in the 1940s. There are around 40 Knitpat leaflets in the Guild collection, all included in this catalogue ...
Cover of Emu pattern 113 sjowing lady in white cabled cardigan drinking from a straw.

Emu leaflets, 1950s-60s

Patterns for women (a few suitable for men, too) from the late 1950s to the early 1960s ...
Pattern cover for short sleeve sweater with flower motif on upper body.

Emu leaflets, early 1950s

Nearly 70 patterns for women and men from the early 1950s ...
Cover of Femina leaflet 262 - lady wearing cabled sweater reclining against table

Femina patterns, 1930s & 40s

About 60 patterns for Femina Botany wool, made by Bairns-Wear. The patterns are mainly for women, with a few for men ...
Covers of 4 Golden Eagle sweater and cardigan patterns - three for women, one for men.

Golden Eagle leaflets, 1950s

Over 100 pattern leaflets issued in the 1950s, mainly for women ...
Cover of Golden Eagle pattern 248 showing lady with cabled sweater with large collar

Golden Eagle patterns from the 1930s

More than 60 patterns, the earliest issued by Golden Eagle in the Guild collection, from the early 1930s up to about 1939 ...
Cover of Golden Eagle pattern 539 showing lady wearing short sleeve sweater covered in bobbles arranged in offset rows

Golden Eagle patterns from WW2

50 pattern leaflets issued between 1939 and 1945, roughly, for women, men and children ...
Cover of Golded Eagle pattern 836 showing boy wearing Fair Isle tank top

Golden Eagle patterns, late 1940s

More than 40 patterns, mostly for women, but also some for men and children, issued between about 1946 and 1949 ...
Cover of Greenock pattern with lady modelling horizonal zig-zag pattern sweater with short sleeves and holding a cardigan with similar pattern.

Greenock colour leaflets, 1948-50

About 40 leaflets published by Scotch Wool & Hosiery Stores in the late 1940s ...

Jester children’s pattern leaflets

A catalogue of knitting patterns of garments for babies and children up to early teenage years, published by the Jester Wool Company of Leicester around 1950 ...

Jester women’s patterns

A catalogue of leaflets of knitting patterns for women, published by the Jester Wool Company of Leicester around 1950 ...