The Woolcraft “Practical Guide to Knitting & Crochet” was published in many different editions from before the First World War onwards. It was originally published as the Penny Guide to Knitting & Crochet by J. & J. Baldwin & Partners of Halifax. Updated and revised editions were produced by Patons & Baldwins after the two companies merged in 1920 (the 25th edition was published in 2001). As well as an introduction to knitting and crochet, it contained a wide range of patterns for useful garments for all the family.

The Universal Knitting Book was a similar booklet, published by John Paton & Son. Here you will find the 1st edition (1890) and the 4th (1913). In spite of the changes in fashion over the 23 years, many of the patterns for underwear, stockings, etc. stayed the same. After the merger to form Patons & Baldwins, The Universal Knitting Book continued to be published, but was superseded by Woolcraft.

Fleming, Reid & Co., owners of the Scotch Wool & Hosiery Stores, produced several editions of a similar manual between the late 1800s and the 1930s.

Cover of Handbook of Knitting & Crochet. Drawing of mill and surrounding buildings and garden

Hand Book of Knitting & Crocheting

A 1912 edition of the Scotch Wool & Hosiery Stores manual. (96 pages) ...
Cover of J&J Baldwins Penny Guide to Knitting & Crochet. "A book of practical instruction on the use of KNITTING WOOLS in the production by hand of serviceable garments for every-day wear. 1910

Penny Guide to Knitting & Crochet

A precursor to Woolcraft, from 1910. Printed on cheap paper, so some illustrations are poor quality. There was probably an outer cover, missing from our copy. (56 pages) ...
Cover of The Universal Knitting Book with illustrations. Pohn Paton, Sone & Co. Alloa. London, Manchester, Melbourne. 1890

The Universal Knitting Book – 1890 edition

First edition of The Universal Knitting Book, published in 1890 ...
Cover of Universal Knitting Book showing child sitting on top of globe knitting. Globe is supported by a spinning wheel and two ears of wheat.

The Universal Knitting Book – 1913 edition

The 4th edition (1913) with patterns for a wide range of garments, split here into 5 parts ...
Cover of 10th edition of Woolcraft. Image appears to be a sculpture representing a hank of yarn.

Woolcraft 13th Edition

1940's edition, produced to war-time economy standards. Basic patterns, e.g. socks & children's clothes. (48 pages) ...
Cover of Wookcraft knitting booklet 9. The cover is badly worn, with pring missing from the left hand side. The drawing is of a lady knitting.

Woolcraft 2nd edition

Our Collection has an extremely worn (but readable) copy of an edition published during the First World War. (64 pages) ...